Featured Pupstomer: Remy

It's time we get to know another one of Puggletown's amazing Pupstomers! We're heading to the midwest to snuggle with the best Chicago dog we know (even better than the one that comes on a poppy seed bun…) 




Name: Remy Bartlett-Pantelis

Breed: American Bulldog/Pitbull Mix

Hometown: Chicago, IL

Rescue Organization and/or Story: I was found roaming around Humboldt Park by a wonderful lady named Karolyne who also just happened to run a local resuce agency called "Don't Bully My Breed." She found me, took me in, and found me a great foster with another wonderful lady named Tina. After about 6 months my mom and dad found me on the DBMB website while they were eating Lou Malnati's pizza. I met my mom and dad one fall afternoon at a local park and we all instantly fell in love with one another and they have been my parents ever since. I was even in their wedding as Honorary Best Man (or Pup) :) 

Favorite Toy: I tend to tear up every single toy I own so mostly I stick to shin bones!

Favorite Pastime: Snuggling on the couch and watching the Food Network also going on walks to Starbucks where dad usually buys me a PupCup.


Favorite Place to Visit: Grammy and Grampie's house in Grand Rapids, MI. They have SUCH big backyard and I get to play with their golden retriever, ROKA!

Why do you love Puggletown Pastries? I love Puggletown Pastries because they look like people food and they taste so good you think you're eating people food. I also can't eat gluten so these are great because they are gentle on my stomach. Mom liked them so much, she bought a whole bunch of them for me, my pup-cousin Maybel and Roka for Christmas. My favorite are the Beagle Bites because I LOVE PIZZA (I mean I am a Chicago Dog, after all)