Featured Pupstomer: Olive

Every month we feature one of Puggletown's fabulous Pupstomers. Today, we're getting to know one of our original (and favorite!) treat-testers . . . Olive!


Name: Olive Oxenfree (Ollie)

Breed: Shiuahpoopinchy (min pin / chihuahua mix n' match)

Hometown: Burbank, CA

Rescue Organization: The MuttShack


Favorite Toy: My crinkle bacon 🥓

Favorite Pastime: Tussling with my pal EZ, eating Strawberry Puptarts, and birdwatching.

Why do you love Puggletown Pastries? I love the yummy taste and all of the different flavors available. Eating a chilled gummy bone on a hot day always puts some extra pep in my step!

If you HAD to choose one Puggletown treat, which would you choose? Oh gosh! There are so many I love … probably the classic Eeez-It. They’re the perfect size for snacking!