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Munchies for your Mutt

Who doesn't love snacks? From popcorn on a movie night to peanuts at a baseball game, people love a little in between meal munching.

Well... humans aren't the only ones! Whether you're working on some new tricks or simply rewarding your pup for being the best on the block, no doghouse is complete without some mouthwatering treats. Puggletown Pastries specializes in delicious, healthy, homemade treats for your pooch, inspired by the munchies we love to snack on. 


Strawberry PupTarts



Ingredient Driven

Why buy cute, expensive treats if they aren't good for your four-legged friends? Our treats are created with quality, healthy ingredients at the forefront. Every new treat is inspired by a featured ingredient that is scientifically proven to benefit your dog. All ingredients are human-grade, and sourced organically whenever possible. Best of all - NO FILLERS!




"If you think dogs can't count, try putting three dog biscuits in your pocket and then give him only two of them."

— Phil Pastoret

Beagle Bites


About Us


Nicole Samsel  "Pup-rietor"

Nicole has spent her whole life loving and caring for dogs — from working at a veterinary clinic and volunteering at shelters to being a dog mom herself. When she started baking (for people!) as a hobby, creating her own recipes for her best friend, Eazy-E, naturally followed. Her favorite human treats are soft-serve ice cream and 12-flavor gummy bears.


Eazy-E  "CFO: Chief Flavor Officer"

Eazy-E is a two-year-old puggle who was rescued from the alleys of East LA and now lives pool-side in Burbank. Always in the mood for a snack, Eazy takes his job at Puggletown seriously — he's can't help bringing his work home with him! His favorite snacks are his namesake "Eeez-Its" and homemade turkey jerky.