Featured Pupstomers: Valentino and Sammy!

Each month we feature one of Puggletown's fabulous Pupstomers. For November, we're getting the low down on not one, but TWO of our very favorites … Valentino and Sammy D!



ame(s): Valentino and Sammy D.

Breed: Valentino - Chihuahua; Sammy - Chihuahua/Italian greyhound

Hometown: Los Angeles via Chihuahua, Mexico

Rescue Organization: The Rescue Train

Favorite Toy: Sammy - "I love any toy by Jax and Bones. I also love tennis balls. Actually, I love any balls. My mom says the only balls I'm allowed to have are the ones she tosses to me... Not quite sure what that means." 

Valentino - "I love ankles. Especially ones that walk towards my mom. Male ankles are the tastiest. Also, I realllllly love my monkey toy but Mommy hides it from me because she said I get too excited and it's rude when guests are over."



Favorite Pastime: Valentino - "I love hanging out with my buddies in the Valley. My old foster mom, Paula, lives there and I like to visit her and run by her pool. I used to be all mangy and very sick. Paula gave me these warm baths which made my skin feel better and my hair grew back.  Plus, she let me sleep in her bed!  

Also, Paula introduced me to my mommy and that was the best day of my life. It was love at first sight - she made my heart melt. 

Another favorite pastime is to tell people off. Especially if you're on a skateboard... A bike... A scooter. OR if you walk past my mommy. You may see me as an 8-pounder but looks can be deceiving.  I'm actually 80 pounds."

Sammy - "My favorite past time is to play. I also like to pee. It's so much fun to lift my leg on whatever is near. I used to pee in the house so Mommy put this obnoxious thing on me. She called it a belly band but Valentino called it my diaper and would laugh at me. I learned quickly to only pee outside. And boy do I. It's super fun. I love when people leave furniture out on the lawn." 

beagle bite.jpg

Why do you love Puggletown Pastries?

Valentino - We love Puggletown pastries. I'm really finicky and I love all of them. They're healthy, tasty and made with love. Mom uses the Eeez-its as training treats and the Puptarts are crowd pleasers.

Sammy - I especially love the Beagel Bites. I keep it in my mouth and savor it for 20 minutes like it's my last supper.  

Mom said the packaging is also adorable, so they make great gifts!