Featured Pupstomer: Frankie

Every month we feature one of Puggletown's fabulous Pupstomers. Today, we're getting to know another midwest girl. Meet…..Frankie!


Pupstomer of The Month:


Name: Frankie

Breed: Pit Mix

Hometown: Chicago, IL

Rescue Organization: Paws Chicago

Favorite Toy: Any toy I can tear up and spread around the house!

Favorite Pastime: I have so many! I love playing catch at the puppy park, keeping neighborhood watch, sleeping under the covers, and having my belly rubbed!

Why do you love Puggletown Pastries? I get a bad tummy when I eat other treats. But when I eat Puggletown Pastries, I always feel good and they taste great.

If you HAD to choose one Puggletown treat, which would you choose? For sure the Beagle Bites! They’re so delicious!!